What We Make 

Rebel Kitchen Edibles



Rebel Kitchen features a line of handmade butters in three distinct flavors: Sweet, Savory, and Natural. In our kitchen we hand prepare each of our butters using natural, locally sourced heavy whipping cream. The butters come in 4 oz. containers and feature 450mg of THC. One container is equivalent to one stick of butter. One container can be used to make as many as 10 to 12 serving of your favorite edible, or a small amount can be added to an individual portion!

Marshmallow Crisps

Rebel Kitchen's "Marshmallow Crisp" is a delightful cereal treat featuring puffed rice, marshmallows, and a colorful seasonal chocolate drizzle. Available in a 30mg or 45mg THC varieties, our Marshmallow Crisp is a favorite grab-n-go treat.

Oat Bar

The Rebel Kitchen "Oat Bar" is a healthy granola bar loaded with oats, almonds, and puffed rice cereal making for a satisfying chewy bar with a little crunch. Our Oat Bars come in Sativa or Indica varieties dosed with 60mg of THC.  

Cookies in a Jar

Our "Cookie in a Jar" features an eggless edible peanut butter cookie dough, with chocolate chips for little bursts of chocolatey goodness. Our jars also include portion notches so you can dose responsibly (60mg THC per jar). Note: Rebel Kitchen's "Cookie in a Jar" should not be baked but rather should be consumed directly out of the jar.  

Infused Goods


SOURCE Capsules

District Grower's line of Potion Tinctures have been a favorite of the medical program since its inception. Available in Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, each Potion touts 300mg of potent THC infused into our proprietary bioavailable blend for maximum efficacy. Use the marked dropper to measure the perfect dose, with each mL providing 20mg THC. Potion tinctures are glycerin-based and alcohol-free, which means instead of a harsh burn patients enjoy a sweet roast flavor. Each potion bottle is 300mg THC and 15mL.
Source Capsules provide the perfect smokeless solution personalized specifically to fit patients needs and life. Each pocketable, convenient slide-tin contains 5 capsules, and are available in 50 and 100mg per capsule (250mg and 500mg per tin). Capsules are filled with bioavailable mix of MCT oil and lecithin used in the potion tinctures. Patients can also select between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties as well as Whole Plant (kief) or Isolated Extract (rosin) concentrates. Choose the Source that works best for you!

Pre-Rolled Smokes


Our prerolls are the most convenient way to enjoy our dried flower. We take the hassle out of choosing the right paper and crafting the perfect roll: just grab and go. Options include:  Sativa (energetic euphoric), Indica (relax & recover), Hybrid (creative & calm), CBD (soothe & heal). A pack of Vibe5 includes 5 prerolls, each preroll containing 0.5g of our premium flower.

MOJO Palm Leaf Prerolls

Each Mojo contains 1 gram of premium flower wrapped in a hand-rolled, slow burning palm leaf. Each Mojo box contains 4 Mojos, matches, an informational scroll, and a strike pad for fun on the go. Patients are sure to love the smooth slow burn of the palm leaf wrapping paired with the bouquet of our fresh premium flowers. Magic Included!