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About Us

Our Story

District Growers is a registered medical cannabis cultivator based in Washington DC established in 2012. Our grow team is highly experienced in an array of cultivation methods - both indoors and outdoors. Having cultivated in various markets and having been touched by numerous patient experiences, we bring together a unique understanding of patient care and a true passion for the products we produce. We believe that when it comes to cannabis, passionate gardening yields premium experience. 


We at District Growers pride ourselves on being consistently recognized by the industry and our customers as being among the best cultivators and cannabis-infused product makers in the country. We are constantly seeking methods to better our products with the goal of providing the best experience possible to those relying on us. We do this because we recognize that the sick and vulnerable depend on us to produce quality products essential to their quality of life and that many prefer our products for both their social use and private adult-use.   


To support our customers, we reject as false the notion that perfection is unattainable. Consequently, we take upon our shoulders the task of providing unparalleled quality products that are always properly identified, tested, and free of harmful substances. We willfully engage in a quest to be the very best in operations and methodology. We call our pursuit of perfection, the quest to "Grow True”.  


Try the best that nature has to offer - done by those that grow it the best. Enjoy!

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